Independent Business Brokers and Valuers to the Small to Medium Enterprise Market

‘gain success from our practical experience’

Small Business Sales is an independent business broking and valuation operation offering a comprehensive service to small to medium enterprises.

It is based at Beachmere between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. It provides a business broking, valuation and consulting services for its customers as do many others. It is unique in that it maintains a close private and personal relationship with its customers and focuses on getting the results they want.

Specifically, its services include, but are not limited to;

  • advice on business sales and buying processes,
  • appraisal and valuation of small businesses for sale, taxation, dispute resolution, compulsory acquisition and banks and financial institutions,
  • advise on it, and preparation of documentations for a business to be packaged for sale including liaison with accountants solicitors and other third parties,
  • creating, executing and monitoring marketing programs to support small business sales; or generate more leads in income for small businesses,
  • advice and assistance on adding to value to small businesses,
  • liaising with prospective buyers to determine their financial press ca-pacity to acquire businesses offered for sale,
  • control of private business information via a secure data room for both business sellers and business buyers,
  • negotiating business sales in the preparation of documentation and consultant with solicitors,
  • providing a ‘DIY’ web site to support those small business owners selling their businesses privately,
  • Business coaching with an aim to achieve a goal or objective