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Attention all Investors . Guaranteed returns. Ethical Farms investment. 

22,700 Plus GST

Adelaide, South Australia

Attention all Investors . Guaranteed returns. Ethical Farms investment. 

Attention all Investors . Guaranteed returns. Ethical Farms investment. 

Are you in the market for an investment that returns  guaranteed passive income ? 

Mrs Clucks Farms has established an Investor Owner passive Income opportunity.  

About the Opportunity :

The opportunity is for the investors to purchase the CoopeCabana Chicken Caravan.  The Equipment shall be placed on various farms throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula. Business owner signs long term agreement with Mrs CLucks Farms who shall insure, maintain & inform you if the equipment is moved.

There is nothing for you to do.....

It  really is that simple !!  

Features and benefits 

-  Guaranteed rental income of $3,744 ex GST per year on a one time investment of $22,700 ex GST  ( 15% rental return)

- There is no minimum on the number of units (chicken caravans) investors can invest in.  We currently have up to 50 available. 

 - Investors can consider  benefitting under the instant write off currently available to businesses in South Australia$30,000-instant-asset-write-off/

- The investors can be an individual, super fund, company or a partnership.

- No hidden costs :

  Mrs. Clucks Farms will Insure the trailer for Public Liability, storm damage and theft and ensure the (Investor) Owners
interest is registered at all times

Maintain the trailer required to sustain healthy Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs
    Inform the Owner if the CoopeCabana Chicken Caravans is moved from any site to another.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, please call your local Business Sales Specialist Shweta Tripathi on 0432 591 529. 

About the Mrs. Clucks Farms

Mrs Clucks Farms Pty Ltd is expanding its pastured eggs business. Pastured eggs are derived from hens who have unfettered access to pasture and literally only seek shelter to lay eggs and to roost at night. This ensures high quality healthy hens and produces excellent core egg characteristics of taste, colour and quality that are highly sought in the ever growing health and 'foodies' market and also opportunities for export. 


About the Chicken Caravans 

The Chicken Caravans shall be manufactured in Australia at Port Elliot by Egritech Pty Ltd.  They are  fully powered by solar. The CoopeCabana Chicken Caravans shall meet all Australian Standards where applicable. Voluntary standards such as PROOF/RSPCA will also be met, and the trailers will be classified to hold 650+ birds. The various models shall have different ranges of monitoring sophistication. 

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Last updated: 6th November 2019


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 South Australia
22,700 Plus GST
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