Everton Park.

Everton Park 19 years to run Income $ 149,862 for stage one Office if you want it for $100 per week storage no office hours price $749,312 Stage two $87,671 income price $338,793 ( caretaking only) projected finish December 2021
There is no unit to buy
In combination with this complex there is two other complexes for sale by the same vendor. You can choose to buy this one by its self or all three
One at Stafford 16.5 years to run income $263,231 price is $1,400,000 negotiable no office no unit storage
This complex has three stages. Stage one and two are complete. Income for stage one and two is $60,868 and the price for that is $235,000
Stage three will be finished in July this year with an income of $31,416 ( BC Salary only) This will cost $131,000 plus any rentals above the current four will be sold at $6,000 each. Stage three will not be paid for until it is finished. Total income will be $88,684 and total price will be $366000

Please contact Robert Collins on 404678792 or robertc@raas.com.au


Business Snapshot

  • Price: $1,088,105
  • Net Profit: $237,533

Managers Unit

    Complex Information

    • Complex Type: Permanent
    • Total Units in Complex: 75
    • Total Units in Letting Pool: 38
    • Holiday Units: 38
    • Owner Occupy Units: 27
    • Agreement Term Remaining: 19 years

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    Last updated: 27th March 2020


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     Everton Park
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