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The best of all worlds


Sydney Streets Region, New South Wales

The best of all worlds

Which one is the best business?
Which one would you choose?

* One that doesn't have to carry stock
* One that you don't have to work in full time
* One that is involved in the lucrative music and collectibles market
* One that has an established clientele and you are the trusted provider

==How about a business that has all four==

I can't tell you too much about this business as it is pretty well a secret except for the people in this industry. Oh one thing I forgot to tell you it has been named in the top 10 of its type in the world.

Make over $100,000 a year and invest under $200,000 to get it.

Remember I said you're not a slave to this business and the owner is only selling because he is retiring.

If this wets your appetite for more information just give me a call or make an inquiry.

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Last updated: 27th April 2021


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 Sydney Streets
 New South Wales
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