Brett Barton
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Brett Barton is a business broker with a difference having personally not only built and managed substantial operations on a national and international level, he has also started up and then successfully sold his own business here on the Sunshine Coast. Brett is a true business professional with a thorough understanding of the local economy that has been developed over the last 15 years. After selling his business over nine years ago, Brett has developed a strong client base that has seen him quickly become one the industry’s leading brokers, with well over 100 business sale transactions and assisting in countless others. His passion for business and his business connections have been formed over many years, Brett understands what it takes to run, operate and then sell a successful operation. This means that in today’s market his insights and evidence based opinions are invaluable to the clients he works with. Today, he is a local business identity, however what you may not know is that Brett Barton grew up in New Zealand and travelled the world before moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2000 at the age of 25. Brett now plays a significant role in the local community. Whether it be his passion for game fishing and his role as president of the Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club or any number of charities including the Katie Rose Hospice, Brett and his family know what it’s like to support the community that supports you. Selling businesses all across the Sunshine Coast, Brett Barton and the team at Verified Business Sales are the market leaders across each industry and business segment here on the coast. Being backed by one of the largest business sales offices also facilitates a valued added service for his clients, as his businesses are exposed to a much broader cross section of prospective purchasers.

Brett Barton

Butcher Shop average $20,000 plus per week

Business - $235,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 30th May 2019

Modern Restaurant in Central Location with Affordable Rent

Business - $270,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 27th May 2019


Business - $395,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 22nd May 2019

Iconic outlook for this Licensed Restaurant

Business - $399,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 21st May 2019

Blue Chip Retail operation on the Sunshine Coast

Business - $1,950,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 16th May 2019

Independent Convenience & Takeaway - great profit margins

Business - $299,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 8th May 2019

Home Services Business with 200 clients

Business - $99,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 18th April 2019

Trading Daytime Only

Business - $249,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 15th April 2019

Adult Boutique – Retail at its sexiest

Business - $40,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 5th April 2019

Longstanding Restaurant Site

Business - $75,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 4th April 2019

Organic Food Store & Cafe, prime location & growing trade

Business - $595,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 21st March 2019

Boutique Limousine Business

Business - $170,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 12th March 2019

Outdoor power equipment – Sales & Service

Business - $245,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 11th March 2019

Managed Restaurant with the most stunning outlook

Business - $399,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 6th March 2019

Hire Industry - Temporary Fences

Business - $425,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 5th February 2019

Outdoor Power Equipment Retail and Service

Business - $595,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 6th December 2018

Home based business in environmentally friendly industry

Business - $110,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 26th November 2018

Pizza Capers Franchise Sunshine Coast

Business - $139,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 11th April 2018

Newsagents On Top Of The World

Business - $475,000 + Stock |
Last updated: 11th April 2018