Craig Campbell
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Craig's experience in buying, improving and selling his own small businesses over the past 20 years is invaluable. Successfully running franchises, establishing new businesses and re-inventing others has provided him with a unique skill set. Being degree qualified in marketing, coupled with hands-on experience in business development, provides him with a broad range of management, marketing and communication skills across various sectors, such as manufacturing, education, software, financial services and automotive. This first-hand knowledge of business from both the buyer and seller perspective ensures clients get the real deal.

As Managing Director, Craig established a large plastic manufacturing organisation which he part owned. He re-invented production and distribution techniques and established marketing strategies which led to rapid growth and market share acquisition within the industry Australia-wide. Also consulting in marketing and business development, he worked closely with owners and managers in financial services, software development and the training industry. Most recently Craig re-established a business within the automotive industry which he co-owns.

He believes "the ‘organisational alignment' of all stakeholders, continuous improvement and correct product/service positioning is imperative to business success".

Craig Campbell

Easy managed home-based business opportunity!!

Business - $125,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 12th June 2019

In Demand Manufacturing Enterprise!!

Business - $2,690,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 3rd May 2019

Manufacturer – Shade Structures

Business - $255,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 1st May 2019

Perfect Coastal Fish and Chipper

Business - $69,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 9th April 2019

Ultimate Home-Based Lifestyle Business!!

Business - $135,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 2nd April 2019

Scaffolding hire - Being sold for near plant and Equipment Value!!

Business - $2,900,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 25th March 2019

Proven Performer - being sold at near Plant and Equipment value!!

Business - $60,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 25th March 2019

Auto Electrical and Air conditioning Business with repeat Client Base!!

Business - $95,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 22nd March 2019

The Fantastic Local Store with More – Ideal Family Business

Business - $330,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 11th March 2019

Home Renovators, Builders and Trades

Business - $65,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 8th March 2019

Contemporary cafe / takeaway in local shopping hub

Business - $79,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 4th March 2019

Established Discount Variety Store and Golden Casket Outlet

Business - $79,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 13th February 2019

Profitable Manufacturing Enterprise

Business - $270,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 5th February 2019

Cracker home-based business !!

Business - $147,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 31st January 2019

Retail and Online Business – Buy in, Assemble and Sell !!!

Business - $75,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 31st January 2019

Leading local Mechanical business with multiple income streams !!

Business - $395,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 17th December 2018

Booming Service Business in Reliable Growth Market!!

Business - $325,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 10th December 2018

Highly Successful Manufacturing Operation

Business - $790,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 19th November 2018

An extremely profitable home-based business not to be missed!

Business - $350,000 WIWO |
Last updated: 31st October 2018

Restaurant in Entertainment & Dining Hub

Business - $115,000 + SAV |
Last updated: 23rd August 2018