Capricorn Coast

Appropriately named the “Capricorn Coast”, or refferred to as simply “Capricorn”, because of it's geographical location on the tropic of Capricorn in central Queensland. Emphasising community, charm and history, the Capricorn Coast is a diverse environment and home to the cities of Rockhampton and Yepoon. The Capricorn region hosts many different tourist attractions like the Sapphire Gemfields and the Blackdown Tabeland National Parks (to name a few) and is rich with mining history.

Known as the 'Beef Capital of Australia', Rockhampton is also the major city in the Capricorn region providing air, rail and other access to the region. Tourism plays a key role in the economy of the Capricorn Region as just east of Rockhampton is the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Rockhampton has a population of roughly 61,724 and is just 636km north-west of Brisbane.

Suburbs in Capricorn Coast