BROLGA is a creation of the web development firm Subtle Difference who have been working with Real Estate agents since 2003. We are the creators of the most comprehensive Real Estate Listings CMS program "RealOnline" in Australia, and the team behind the Sunshine Coast's most successful (and largest) community portal since 2002.

This site is a work in progress and will evolve over time to better suit the needs of visitors and users alike.  

There is a lot to be added to this website, and a small team of Queenslanders (in fact 3 generations of the same family) are working on releasing new sections.

Why Brolga?

The Brolga is part of the Queensland Coat of Arms, selected due to its distinctive look and forms the symobolgy of the native wild life. (QLD Gov Ref) 

They are also found in most states of Australia and a bit like people's property and business aspirations, may look a tad ungainly on take off but often ascend gracefully to great heights.  

Additionally, a nice short easy to spell domain name is always nice in a world of "" domain names.