Gladstone & Surrounds

Famous for it's sea port, the Port of Gladstone is not only Queenslands largest multi commodity port but the fifth largest in australia and the world's fourth largest coal exporting terminal. Safe to say, that Gladstone is definitely a mining hub of sorts for Queensland. While the sea port is predominatnly known for it's capabilties in export, it also has direct access to Heron Island, Wilson Island and other such islands from the marina and local airstrips. On Heron Island, not only is there a resort and national park for toursits, but there is the Heron Island Research Station. Established the 1950's, The University of Queenslands research station is one of the world's pincipal research stations in coral reef and other reef ecology research. Home to a number of heritage listed sites, Gladstone and it's surrounding area is rich with mining history. Gladstone is approximately 532Km North of Brisbane, and has a population of 28,808.

Suburbs in Gladstone & Surrounds