Townsville & Surrounds

Considered the unnofficial capital of north Queensland, boasting as the largest urban centre north of the Sunshine Coast, situated in the dry tropics of of North Queensland, is the city of Townsville. Townsville is incredibly popular among tourists because of it's many attractions like “The Strand” (a long strip of tropical beach and gardens) and the riverway as well as the Museum of tropical Queensland and a large tropical aquarium housing many local flora and fauna. The other main attractions that bring tourists, and other such travellers to townsville, is the Great Barrier Reef and the gorgeous Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville and is predominantly a national park filled to the brim of native flora and fauna to the Great Barrier Reef.

Townsville is just 350km south of Cairns and 1300km north of Brisbane with a current population of about 196,219 inhabitants.

Suburbs in Townsville & Surrounds