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In the beautiful tropical North Queensland lies the regional city of Cairns. Cairns was founded in 1876 and was originally a hub to serve miners, before evolving into a major port for exporting mined materials and agrictulrual products by rail. Cairns is definitely one of the most popular places in Queensland for tourists looking for a holiday by the Great Barrier Reef. Geography: Roughly 1700km North West of Brisbane, Cairns is situated on the eastern coast of the Cape York Peninsula. West of Cairns is the Great Dividing Range and to the East, the beautiful Coral Sea home of the Great Barrier Reef among other wonders. The Cape York Peninsula, north of Cairns and including, serves as the...

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Considered the unnofficial capital of north Queensland, boasting as the largest urban centre north of the Sunshine Coast, situated in the dry tropics of of North Queensland, is the city of Townsville. Townsville is incredibly popular among tourists because of it's many attractions like “The Strand” (a long strip of tropical beach and gardens) and the riverway as well as the Museum of tropical Queensland and a large tropical aquarium housing many local flora and fauna. The other main attractions that bring tourists, and other such travellers to townsville, is the Great Barrier Reef and the gorgeous Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville and is...

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The Whitsundays region, the islands of the Great Barrier Reef and Mackay is just north of Central Queensland coast and in the hub of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Mackay is a lush, tropical region boasting brilliant natural attractions not exclusive to the Great Barrier Reef. National Parks, Gorges and Pristine Beaches feature as some of Makcays natural attractions, as well as the hinterland, home to many heritage and cultural activities. These are merely the start of the long list of reasons why tourists want to go to Makcay and it's surrounding areas. When one says Makcay, the Whitsundays soon follow. The Whitsundays are easily the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The Whitsun...

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Appropriately named the “Capricorn Coast”, or refferred to as simply “Capricorn”, because of it's geographical location on the tropic of Capricorn in central Queensland. Emphasising community, charm and history, the Capricorn Coast is a diverse environment and home to the cities of Rockhampton and Yepoon. The Capricorn region hosts many different tourist attractions like the Sapphire Gemfields and the Blackdown Tabeland National Parks (to name a few) and is rich with mining history. Known as the 'Beef Capital of Australia', Rockhampton is also the major city in the Capricorn region providing air, rail and other access to the region. Tourism plays a key...

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Famous for it's sea port, the Port of Gladstone is not only Queenslands largest multi commodity port but the fifth largest in australia and the world's fourth largest coal exporting terminal. Safe to say, that Gladstone is definitely a mining hub of sorts for Queensland. While the sea port is predominatnly known for it's capabilties in export, it also has direct access to Heron Island, Wilson Island and other such islands from the marina and local airstrips. On Heron Island, not only is there a resort and national park for toursits, but there is the Heron Island Research Station. Established the 1950's, The University of Queenslands research station is one of the world's...

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Bundaberg is located in the Northern part of the Wide Bay-Burnett geographical region (North Burnett). Bundaberg, colloquially known as “Bundy”, is the air, rail and road access to the coastal and hinterland areas of the Bundaberg North Burnett region, as well as the southern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Famous for it's Bundaberg rum and ginger beer, the Bundaberg North Burnett hinterland also supports a number of wineries and fresh produce farms. Largely dependent on it's Sugar and Horticulture production, Bundabergs subtropical climate not only aids in farming and the production of agricultural goods, but also provides a number of natural tourist attractions such as...

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